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Policies and Resources

Internet Acceptable Use Policy


Next Generation Academy is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all students. The use of the internet and other digital technologies is encouraged to enhance educational opportunities. However, it is crucial to implement safeguards to ensure the safety and well-being of our students. This Internet Safety Policy aligns with the CIPA guidelines and the North Carolina School Boards Association to protect students from inappropriate content and other potential online dangers.


Technology Protection Measures:

1. The school will utilize technology protection measures (TPMs) such as internet filters to block access to inappropriate websites, explicit content, child pornography, and material that is harmful or obscene.

2. The TPMs will be regularly updated and maintained to ensure maximum protection.


Access to Inappropriate Material:

1. Students are prohibited from accessing inappropriate material that may include but is not limited to offensive language, graphic images, violence, hate speech, or discriminatory content.

2. Students must report any accidental access or exposure to inappropriate material to their teachers immediately.

3. Teachers must promptly address any reports concerning inappropriate material.


Inappropriate Network Usage:

1. Students must use the school's internet and digital resources responsibly and solely for educational purposes.

2. Students shall not use electronic communication (including emails, chatrooms, or social media) to harass, bully, or intimidate others.

3. Users are prohibited from: (a) attempting to gain unauthorized access, including "hacking”, and engaging in other similar unlawful activities; and (b) engaging in the unauthorized disclosure, use, or dissemination of personal identifying information regarding minors.



1. Students will receive ongoing education and training on safe and responsible digital citizenship.

2. Teachers will provide age-appropriate internet safety lessons and discuss the potential risks associated with online activities.

3. Information regarding CIPA guidelines, appropriate online behavior, and the potential consequences of inappropriate internet usage will be communicated to students regularly.


Supervision and Monitoring:

1. The school will employ appropriate supervision and monitoring mechanisms to ensure students' compliance with this Internet Safety Policy.

2. Teachers and staff members will regularly monitor students' online activities during the school day.

3. Students should understand that their online activities may be subject to monitoring to ensure their safety and adherence to the policy.


Reporting and Consequences:

1. Students, teachers, and staff members are encouraged to report any violations or concerns regarding internet safety to school authorities.

2. Appropriate consequences, based on the severity and frequency of the violation, will be imposed to address any breaches of this policy.

3. Any incident involving child pornography, sexual acts, or contact will be reported immediately to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.



Next Generation Academy regards the safety and well-being of students as its highest priority. By implementing this Internet Safety Policy, we aim to provide a secure online environment that fosters positive educational experiences while safeguarding against potential online threats and inappropriate content.

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