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Policies and Resources

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

"Next Generation Academy has been in compliance with the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and maintains an effective content filtering policy executed through managed service providers. Throughout the eRate fiscal year of 2022-23, our school implemented a content filtering policy based on the standard objectionable site blocking offered by SonicWall in their NSA2650 firewall.

This content filtering policy encompassed various categories to promote a safe and secure online environment for our students. These categories include hate speech, pornography, guns, terrorism, adult media, and other inappropriate content. By employing SonicWall's standard objectionable site blocking, we aimed to prevent access to websites or online materials that fell within these categories, thus safeguarding our students from harmful content.

SonicWall's standard objectionable site blocking typically includes the following categories:
1. Hate speech
2. Pornography
3. Guns and firearms
4. Terrorism
5. Adult content
6. Gambling
7. Illegal drugs
8. Phishing and malicious websites
9. Malware and viruses
10. Social networking (if restricted by the school's policy)


Please note that SonicWall's website or partner websites may provide more detailed and up-to-date information on the specific categories they block.


These content filtering policies were implemented by ADT Cybersecurity, a leading Managed Security Service Provider. Weekly emailed reports were distributed to NGA by ADT that outline internet activity for all users and detail any blocked sites. 


During the months of February, March, April, and May, we transitioned to Zscaler's standard web content filter to ensure continued protection against inappropriate content on the internet. Zscaler's solution provided an additional layer of security and content filtering to reinforce our commitment to online safety. The Zscaler solution is administered by MCNC, the internet service provider for educational institutions throughout the state of North Carolina. 


As for Zscaler's standard web content filter, Zscaler generally offers a comprehensive range of content filtering categories that includes:

1. Adult content
2. Gambling
3. Weapons
4. Violence
5. Hate speech
6. Illegal drugs
7. Malware and viruses
8. Phishing and malicious websites

By leveraging both SonicWall and Zscaler, Next Generation Academy maintained a robust content filtering system throughout the majority of the eRate fiscal year. This comprehensive approach allowed us to adhere to CIPA requirements and protect our students from accessing harmful or inappropriate online materials."

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